Financial Forecasting Model for Startups or Existing Business in Excel

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Let me introduced to you to an amazing Financial Model to forecast Income, Cost of sales, Net Profit and Cashflow for small to medium-sized business for a short term (one year)!

See Detailed Video tutorial about the model usage here:

This model is quite unique in the way it is designed, it is simple to use yet it can produce powerful results in the form of many scenarios for your business performance over a year time

This model can be used to present your business plan Infront of prospective Investor, venture capitalist, a banker to obtain the necessary funding to expand and grow your dream business

This model is an ideal tool for new business or startups, existing small to medium-sized businesses in many sectors and industries, for example:

• FMCG – Fast moving consumer goods like electronics goods (Trading)

• Restaurant business

• Consulting business

• Online store/e-commerce business

• Any kind of seasonal businesses (where some months have more sales growth than others in a year)

• Any other small to medium-sized businesses

Following Key KPIs can be forecasted for any business with this model:

• Sales and Revenue (with growth type: linear or selective), this is also perfect for any seasonal business model as well

• Cost of goods sold and Gross Profit for each of your product (linear or selective)

• Direct other costs

• Inventory balances (for trading business which has inventories)

• Net Profit

• And most importantly Cashflow performance

As mentioned above, many numbers of scenarios can be modelled here, and you are not limited to worst, good and best scenarios only

You can add more products and forecast each product’s performance either with linear growth (month to month fixed increase or in sales) or you can do more practical growth prediction with selective growth for each product month on month

And if you are dealing with seasonal business, this model lets you forecast monthly sales quite accurately to manage the impact of seasonal sales (up and down)

Same as sales growth, you can also predict gross profit and cost of goods sold for each of your product either with linear or selective growth % values

Cash is king in any business and it’s THE most important resource for any business to go on for a long time.

Guess What? this model lets you model key factors and indicators affecting cashflow as follows:

• Cash collections from your customer – How much credit you should give to your customers for each of your product to ensure that you don’t run out of cash

• Cash collection prediction becomes even more crucial when you have a seasonal business model, this model lets you predict and forecast your cash collections when your sales are really high or its really low through the year

• Cash payments to your suppliers – suppliers are as important as customers, how you should negotiate with your suppliers to give you optimum credit (in days) to ensure overall cash position of your business is always positive

• In case you run out of cash for any reason, you can setup revolving line of credit with your bankers to provide you with temporary line of credit or bank overdraft, this model lets you forecast that as well, you can clearly view how much temporary funding will be required in case business is not performing well in order to run the operations at base level.

• If you are borrowing temporarily, you must keep in mind the interest cost which you will incur, this model lets you forecast interest expenditure as well and how managing credit period with your customers and suppliers reduce interest expenditure each month/year

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One of a kind Financial Forecasting Model for small to medium-sized business, forecast business growth and Cashflow more confidently

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Financial Forecasting Model for Startups or Existing Business in Excel

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